Here's Why you need a Killer Website, Now!

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April 1, 2023
3 min read
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You might be thinking, why does my website matter? Why would I spend a lot of time, money, and thought working on making it better, when it already works and explains what my business does?

Most people have had this thought, but at this point in time, the internet has completely taken over business. Some of the largest stores on earth, like Toys R’ Us, Sears, Forever 21, just to name a few, have almost completely ceased retail operations in favour of e-commerce. 

Whether you’re selling a product online, or your website just explains your business, your website is essential to its success, and even just being able to stay afloat in the next few years. Going back to what we said at the start of this article, “just a website” is not enough. Think about it this way- is just having a store enough to operate a successful business?

Imagine this- You see a store, but there aren’t any signs out front explaining what it sells. When you walk in, it’s ugly, and outdated. If you haven’t decided to get the hell out already, trying to browse the shelves is a confusing mess, with unlabeled products, a hidden sales section, and no employees trying to help them.

That store owner would be lucky to sell one product a year.

This is the same as your website, which might be why you haven’t been able to generate any sales from it yet. Here’s the 3 keys to a perfect website, broken down into physical examples;

Your competitors have a superior website. This is a huge factor because the other guy is taking the time to invest into their business by providing their customers with a great website and professional online presence. It's been proven that with a small website design compnanies which is easy for the customers to use and go through, provides the customer with a relaxed experience. The customer is more likely to keep continuously making purchases and recommending your website and your product or service to others be it online or on a personal level.

Having a solid website builds your brand and its credibility. Branding is a crucial part of any business and it's what your business is all about. Having a well done solid website helps to build and be apart of your brand. It's showcasing your business and its product or service. Also having a great website design will associate your brand with status and everyone accessibility to the best of the best, and that's what a website is there to experience!

Generating traffic to your website (SEO, Paid Advertisements) is like your real estate. If you have a great location in the city centre, you’ll surely have some people visiting your store. However, if it’s not what they want, you’ll see an insane bounce rate.

Your website's user experience is like your shelves, employees, and store organisation. Picture you walking into “Patrick’s Kitchen Warehouse”, trying to buy a spatula. Once you walked in, it looked like a nice store, but for the love of god, you’ve been walking around for 15 minutes and cannot find a spatula if your life depended on it- because there wasn’t any sign indicating where you’d find one. You’d probably get annoyed and leave, if there were no employees to help you. Unfortunately, you can’t have employees on a website, so it better damn-well have a good user experience.

‍Now ask yourself this question- is your website an ugly, confusing nonsense store, or a beautiful, easy to navigate, sales funnel?

All in all, a website really is apart of your business's foundation and adds so much to your credibility and value in the long run. So the time to make it really standout and showcase your business to its fullest potential. THOSE WHO SEE YOU WILL BE BUYING!

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