Top 10 Venture Capitalist Websites

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April 3, 2023
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Your venture capital firm’s website is often one of the first impressions you have with potential partners. While a web redesign requires a great deal of thought, time, effort, and other resources, it can have an enormous impact in helping your firm stand out.

We’ve designed sites for many private equity and venture capital firms. We love working in this space because the clients who seek us out understand that good design is the core offering of all good businesses—including their own and the ones they nurture. They see great design not as a means to an end, but as an end itself. It goes beyond just “look and feel” to include all the elements of execution including messaging, branding, and content strategy.

Venture capital all is about the bleeding edge of growth. The risk is high but those willing to take the gamble are rewarded. This environment creates rich ground that fuels impactful design.

Here we round up our top 10 best venture capital websites for you to use as inspiration. When you’re ready to learn more, talk to us.

1. Crosscut

Story-based content reminds you that you’re dealing with people

Crosscut is a Santa Monica-based firm with a clean, bright website design. The appealing graphics and diagonal color-blocking to match the Crosscut name are just part of what makes them stand out.

Here’s what else is so great about their website.

Human Elements

With so many venture capital firms on the market, sometimes it’s easy to forget that real people are behind every one of them. Crosscut puts that human focus at the forefront. As you scroll through their homepage, you see photos of people interacting together.

Social Proof

The founders’ section features photos and quotes from other company founders praising Crosscut. Not only does this add to the human elements as described above, but it vouches for Crosscut’s services. So too does its extensive list of partners.

Easy Navigation

Crosscut doesn’t make it hard to get around on their website. They have six menu items: Companies, Team, Approach, Stories, Press, and Contact. Besides Stories–another word for their blog–all are very straightforward.

2. Space Angels

Space-themed branding suitable for the firm’s name

Upon first glance at Space Angel’s website, you might think you’ve stumbled upon a site for an aeronautical company, not a venture capital firm. That’s part of what makes this website such a winner.

Appropriate Theming and Branding

You can’t call your company Space Angels and not brand it as such. Everything is in-tune here, from the background with the comic-like render of space explorers to a menu called Expedition, which is complete with an animation of a spinning earth.

Of course, it’s important to note that Space Angels does deal in space venture capital. A wild branding scheme only works if your company does what the branding implies. Otherwise, you’ll confuse and turn off your customers.

Video Elements

If you’re visiting a website for the first time, would you rather watch an introductory video or poke around aimlessly at the menus? Most people would say the former.

Space Angels has a video front and center on their homepage. It’s not very long, only 1:03, and in it, you can quickly learn about the importance of investing in space.

Conversion Elements

Presumably, after you watch the video, you’ll feel more confident in your decision to work with Space Angels. That’s why the website features an “Apply for membership” button beneath white text asking “Ready to join?”

Even if you’re not quite ready, as you scroll down, the “Learn more” button will tell you all the great reasons why investing in space is such a good idea.

– Emma Anderson, Digital Product Manager

3. Greylock

Why we love: Consistency matters in web design and Greylock’s site has it. From the initial framing to the concise headlines on each page, everything feels like it belongs together. Even the typeface pairing of a serif and san-serif is a nice take of blending old and new in a way that is not dated.

– Wes Manly, Creative Director

4. Atomico

Why we love: Atomico’s homepage has gone through a few iterations over the years, but all of them offer something in common—engaging design. They make excellent use of video across key pages and the parallax scrolling animations below the fold are exactly how they should be used—nothing gratuitous about it. This site has a ton of content, so grab a cup of coffee before you sit down with this one. We’ve read through a good deal of it and can attest that it is worth it.

– Niall Durkan, Founder

5. DNA Capital

Why we love: We love this site because it feels like a breath of fresh air in the VC world. The design gives plenty of space to breathe and allows content to be digestible and readable. Animations across the site are smooth and, together with a calming yet futuristic color palette, contribute to creating an enjoyable experience exploring each page. DNA Capital isn’t afraid to experiment with an unexpected portfolio layout on its Companies page, either. All things considered, DNA Capital’s site helps them stand out in the healthcare and healthtech market as true professionals who can be strong partners for their businesses.

– Noah Keen, UI Designer

06. CA Ventures

Why we love: CA Ventures moves away from the traditional blue/green venture capital color palette and acquires more of a lively, personable orange and black combo. Although some may think the colors are too bold, we would argue that CA Ventures is on this list because the palette makes it unforgettable. Alongside modern typefaces lives captivating and tailored photography that coordinates well with the straightforward messaging. The thin line element is a nice space for breath after the larger, chunkier aspects of the site. As a whole, the site leaves a warm, personable impression on the user that entices them to come back for more.

– Maddy Kane, Lead UI/UX Designer

7. Sequoia

Colorful, memorable people-based design

Sequoia has locations in Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Menlo Park, California. If you want to take a page out of their book, here are all the elements that really make their website sing.

People-Based Design

You’ll see some familiar faces the moment you log onto the Sequoia homepage, such as Bill Gates and other visionaries. This plays up well with Sequoia’s headline: “We help the daring build legendary companies.”

This people-based theme doesn’t stop there. It’s a recurring one you’ll encounter as you scroll down. Like Emergence’s website, Sequoia highlights their partners in a big way. There are photos of each in black and white with details in red or teal blue. Circles, squares, wavy lines, and other elements are dotted throughout the black and white photo for a nice contrast.

Easy Navigation

Sequoia knows they have great visual elements, so they keep the rest of their website sparse so their graphics can shine. The menu has three categories: People, Build, and Companies. You can see more on the dropdown menu to the right of the homepage, like Jobs, Contact, and Legal.

If you’re still looking for more information, use the search bar.

Quick Logins

Once you become a client of Sequoia’s, logging in is fast and easy. On the side menu, underneath the three main menu items, you’ll see two smaller ones in gray text. The first one, Log in, lets you choose whether you’re a limited partner of a part of Sequoia Commons. You’re then redirected to the login page.

8. First Round

It’s all about the name

Howard Morgan and Josh Kopelman are the founders of First Round in San Francisco. The company was established in 2004, so it’s another long-standing one. Let’s examine their website more closely.

Name-Based Branding

What’s in a name? When you’re called First Round, a lot. This venture capital firm uses their name for their branding, such as on their homepage. It’s there that you see the statement in large, bold letters that proclaims “We’re called First Round for a reason.”

If your firm already has a great name, then play it up to the fullest on your website.


Another unique element on First Round’s website is their FAQs. These are right on the homepage if you scroll down far enough. You can read answers to questions about investment timing with First Round, the firm’s decision-making process, their investment process, and their terms.

By the time you’re done combing through all these Q&As, you should be ready to get in touch with First Round as a potential partner.

9. Bond Capital

Why we love: The Bond Capital website exemplifies simplicity. Each section of the site takes up one single screen in each scroll. Almost nothing is there to distract the user from the content at hand—including a navigation or footer menu (which appears MIA). While the use of PDFs themselves leave us wanting more design-wise, we appreciate the guttiness and commitment to this simple design’s integrity.

– Wes Manly, Creative Director

10. Founders Fund

Why we love: Peter Thiel’s firm is one of the largest players in venture capital and his site is as stylish and impressive as you would expect. We like the minimalistic approach which is paired with a visual boldness that communicates confidence and success. But, where this site really shines is in its branded content through its “Anatomy of Next.” Founders Fund has been at the vanguard of content marketing in the VC space for a long time. They understand that their expertise is the best brand ambassador that they have, and they share freely. Highly produced podcasts, videos, interviews, and articles are created on a regular schedule. The VC sales cycle is long and they know the best way to nurture partnerships is to offer thought leadership to companies in their nascent state. Founders Fund does the work now and reaps the rewards later.

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