Top 5 stunning portfolio websites

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April 1, 2023
5 min read
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The best design portfolios are able to inform viewers of your work and spark inspiration in those who are looking for it. If you didn't already know, a good portfolio is incredibly important in the wonderful world of art and design, because it gives clients a look into your work and can be the difference between hiring you or not.

While we definitely don't advise creating a carbon copy of a design portfolio you like, we definitely think looking at a few examples is a good place to start. Scrolling through other design portfolios can spark inspiration and ideas to help you get started. Portfolios come in every shape and size, which is what makes them so exciting. However, sometimes it can sometimes be a little difficult to know how to create a portfolio that shows off your skills and accurately represents you as an artist.

1. Adrien Loret


Paris based Adrien Loret is a designer, passionate about illustration, typography, and photography. His website has a clean, minimal look and feel. His design portfolio website clearly illustrates each project, giving a lot of importance to white space and a simple colour scheme. Look through this list of awesome Illustrator Portfolios on Pixpa that are sure to inspire you to create your portfolio website.

2. Marcus Artis

Designer Marcus Artis Online Portfolio Website
Designer Marcus Artis Online Portfolio Website

Branding and Packaging Designer, Marcus Artis's online portfolio website is straight-to-the-point. Marcus makes a great first impression with strong, vivid use of his own branding. His portfolio website has simple, full image galleries that are easy to browse.

3. Christina Vanessa

best portfolio websites christina vanessa

Graphic designer and visual communicator Christina Vanessa clearly has an eye for aesthetics. The first page we reach on this graphic design portfolio example is a simple expression of her creative work and personality. There’s a fullscreen looped video showcasing her best pieces, with her name and disciplines written above.

Following this promising introduction, Christina’s ‘Explore’ page is just as impressive, incorporating multiple design features. From the works themselves to the layered blocks that make up the page’s layout, the website’s color scheme is cohesive and neutral. The soft shades of cream, beige and gray craft a serene atmosphere, further reinforced by the smooth animations.

4. Chris Tammar

Chris Tammar Multi-Faceted Graphic Design Portfolio
Chris Tammar Multi-Faceted Graphic Design Portfolio

Designer, Chris Tammar, presents his multi-faceted graphic design portfolio through a simple, intuitive website. Tammar's own logo design gives his brand a personality. The clean square grid on the home page puts his work center stage.

5. Studio Feixen

This Switzerland based design studio is absolutely jam-packed full of fun and characterful work. Studio Feixen(opens in new tab) perfectly showcases its vibrant work with a mix-match style portfolio that abstains from a 'less-is-more' approach. Despite the examples being framed in a range of different sized shapes on the portfolio page, the site still looks cohesive.

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